How Might Payment Methods Change in 2017?

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“Faster” and “Easier” are two goals always being pursued by the payments industry. They are important, but safety and accuracy must always be considered as well.

As we start a new year there are a number of new technologies hoping to make a splash. It will be interesting to see which becomes a reality, and which ones we’ll still be discussing when it’s time to preview 2018.


Consumers already have several payment methods available to them. New financial technology is striving to make these processes more user-friendly.

Digital Wallets

Mobile payments continue to increase in popularity, particularly among Millennials. This may hasten an evolution away from swiping debit cards and toward NFC technology.

Same-Day ACH

ACH payments typically take 1-2 days to clear. Last year, the National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) began efforts to accelerate these transactions, with the ultimate goal of making funds available by banks to recipients in the same day. The objective was to have this system in place by next year.

The Challenges

All of these breakthroughs are great for consumers but not immune to vulnerabilities. How secure are digital wallets from being compromised on a user’s smartphone? What if a user inadvertently downloads an application that accesses his or her phone data and bank transactions?

Will service always be available and consistent? Or can hackers disrupt functionality with billions of illegitimate requests? People need to know they can rely on whatever payment method they select.

As we make our way gradually toward a cashless economy, Cliq will be there to answer your questions, provide you with safe, accurate, easy-to-use payment options, and introduce new products and services when we are certain they meet our standards, and the standards of our customers.


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