If you are a BusyKid Cardholder, your FAQs and information about your program can be viewed Here.

What Is The Cliq® Prepaid Debit Card?
How Can I Check My Balance?
Where Can I Use My Card?
How Do I Get Cash At An ATM?
What are other ways I can get cash?
What Fees Will I Be Charged?
Can I Change My PIN?
What Is ReadyLink?
Are there other ways to add funds to my card?
What Should I Do If My Card Is Lost/Stolen?
What if my card doesn’t have my name embossed on it?
What If I Want To Purchase An Item That Costs More Than The Balance On My Card?
What Should I Do If My Card Is Declined?
What If I Change My Mind And Want To Cancel A Purchase?
What If I Need To Return An Item That I Purchased With My Card?
What Additional Benefits Come With The Cliq® Prepaid Debit Card?
Can I Pay Bills Online With My Card?
What do I do if I am traveling to another country?
Where Can I Go To Get Tips For Financial Management?
How Do I Dispute Charges On My Card?

Still have questions? Call the number on the back of your card to get immediate customer support. Contact Cliq® directly by calling 866-634-3044 or emailing Customer_Service@cliq.com .