Case Study: RAC Financial

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, RAC Financial is one of the Southwest’s most prominent Independent Sales Organizations serving the merchant processing industry.

The company works with a wide range of clients seeking retail, restaurant and e-commerce solutions, and has established relationships with several financial services providers, including some of the largest in the United States. But when it comes time to select a processor for a client’s payment solutions needs, CEO Cary Flanders says his first call goes to Cliq.

“They’re just a step above, especially when it comes to customer support,” Flanders said. He cited Cliq’s ability to think outside the box when working with a client, fixing any issues instantly, and reviewing cases where a merchant has been declined, to see if a resolution can be found.

“With some of the larger providers if I send them an email it can take 4-5 days to get a response. With Cliq they usually are able to get back to me instantly,” Flanders said.

If a business has an issue with its credit card processing, would they rather wait four to five days to get help, or get it right away?

“That’s why I choose Cliq 100% of the time. They are that good.”

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Case Study: 360 BC Group, Inc.

360 BC Group creates sophisticated, personalized websites for an impressive roster of clients in both the public and private sectors. The company is also a Cliq client, and has long relied on Cliq for online fraud protection, and a system that makes it easy to accept payments from around the world.

But Cliq also provided 360 with a strategy to help grow its business, something that could not be expected from a typical merchant services provider.

“Cliq partnered with us to develop a payment processing solution that would be attractive to our clients in the government and Fortune 500 space. By integrating with our web-based tools, and providing a rate based on the volume of all of our clients, we were able to offer our clients a value-added solution.” said 360 CEO Ron Zayas.

“Cliq works with us to help identify opportunities in our space, and even provides pre-sales support, not something we have ever received from any other merchant services processor,” Zayas said. “For us, Cliq started with a competitive processing rate and built our relationship on learning our business and helping us sell more. ”