Card Not Present: Remote Payment Processing

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Cliq® Streamlined Payment Processing: Secure and Dependable

In a card not present (CNP) situation you need an efficient and reliable means to verify the authenticity of the customer’s card, while detecting and preventing attempts at fraud.

Cliq remote payment processing solutions provide a variety of CNP payment options, with built-in data protection for the customer and fraud protection for your business.

Card Not PresentCliq for eCommerce

For online transactions, Cliq will integrate your eCommerce merchant account with shopping carts, smartphones and virtual terminals. Our secure, PCI-compliant payment gateway makes accepting electronic payment (credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments) safe and easy through your website.

Shopping Carts

Now your customers can expedite the ordering and payment process, easily add or remove items, and save orders for payment at a later date. Your company provides a user-friendly buying experience, while also being able to process credit card orders in real-time, track order status and review purchasing trends.


With Cliq you can turn your smartphone into a secure payment processor and authorize/accept credit cards anywhere, anytime.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual credit card terminals streamline mail order and telephone order (MOTO) sales. You can submit, review, or void transactions online, customize the way transactions are managed, and view detailed online sales reports.

If you are ready to improve your CNP payment processing capabilities, Cliq is here to help you stay connected and ready to make sales anywhere.