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Still using a traditional payroll system? It’s stealing time and money from you every day.

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Cliq prepaid solutions make payroll distribution easier for you, and better for your employees as well.

Easier For You: When Cliq simplifies the reconciliation process, you spend less time on payroll and more time running your business.

Better For Your Employees: Your workers receive instant access to wages and tips onto a Visa® branded payroll card accepted almost everywhere in the U.S and around the world.

Cliq® offers customized solutions to suit your business needs, in addition to offering PayCards, Expense Cards and our innovative Tips By Cliq® program!


PayCard by Cliq™

Find out more about PayCard by Cliq™

Expense cards

Expense Cards by Cliq®

Expense Cards readily available to manage company spending! Find out more about Expense Cards by Cliq®


TIPS by Cliq™

More than just a tip reporting system, TIPS by Cliq™ also provides tip distribution for owners/managers and employees to a PayCard by Cliq®.

Take a closer look at our prepaid solutions and discover the difference Cliq can make in your business. Call 866-634-3044 or email to get started today.

Learn more about Cliq prepaid solutions and how they help businesses save money.