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A Prepaid solution should accomplish two objectives: simplify payment processing, and increase business profitability.

Cliq’s flexible prepaid solutions deliver these payroll benefits so companies, industries and educational institutions can more effectively conduct business.

card-chipOne Payroll Card Does it All

Cliq’s all-in-one Visa® Payroll Cards can be used for recurrent and one-time payroll payments, bonuses and incentives, employee rewards programs and any government funds or student financial aid.

For recipients they provide the ease of a debit card, eliminate check-cashing fees for unbanked employees, and provide greater security than carrying cash. And with the Visa® name there is confidence in knowing that your funds are always safe.

The Cliq Difference for Employers: Customized Quality and Support

Cliq serves clients, large and small, in any industry by providing cost-effective prepaid solutions that are fast, convenient, safe, and easy to integrate.

We know this industry inside and out, and we’ll put that expertise to use in customizing a prepaid payroll solution that best fits your business.

Cliq Benefits for Employees

With a Cliq® Visa® Payroll Card, employees receive instant access to their payroll funds, as well as access to online account management, 24-hour customer service and mobile banking opportunities using the free Cliq iPhone or Android app.

Our Payroll Cards can be used anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted, including at more than 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs.