CAMPUS by Cliq™

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CAMPUS by Cliq™ provides an easy, safe, and faster way for educational institutions to electronically deposit student disbursements to an all-in-one secure VISA® prepaid card.

CAMPUS by Cliq™ works seamlessly with any college ERP system, providing a single point of access for all funding and reconciliation.

Who Benefits with CAMPUS by Cliq™?


Colleges and Educational Institutions

Institutions receive student loan payments and other transaction types faster and easier, while eliminating the cost and waste of paper checks.



Students have a secure and hassle-free way to make student loan and other payments, and receive immediate account funding for financial aid. Our Visa® branded prepaid card, works like a standard debit card and can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted.

Learn more about how CAMPUS by Cliq® can benefit your institution, students, and campus community by calling 866-634-3044 or emailing

Students backed by Visa® Security

Students can put their worries aside knowing their funds are protected. The Cliq® Visa® Prepaid Reloadable College Card offers all the security they need. Visa® Zero Liability provides protection against fraud. Students can shop safely with their Cilq® Visa®