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Expense Cards by Cliq® provides an efficient method for businesses to stay on budget and track spending! With the convenience of company Expense Cards by Cliq®, balances can easily be loaded on the VISA® prepaid cards and issued to employees.

Safer and easier to manage than petty cash and quicker than writing checks- Expense Cards by Cliq® simplifies spending for businesses.


Who benefits with Expense Cards by Cliq®?



Businesses can enjoy the streamlined process of reconciliation with the Expense Cards by Cliq® program! Manage company spending by loading only what is needed, and log on at anytime to view transactions. Simple, Secure and Efficient.

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When supplies or expenses come up, the easy to access Expense Card by Cliq® can be utilized! Employers can easily load funds from any computer or phone and then employees are good to go! Our VISA® branded expense cards work like a standard debit card and can be used anywhere VISA® is accepted!

Learn more about how Expense Cards by Cliq® can support your business by calling 866-634-3044 or emailing sales@cliq.com.

Businesses backed by VISA® Security

Businesses can put their worries aside knowing their funds are protected. The Cliq® Visa® Expense Card offers all the security they need. Visa® Zero Liability provides protection against fraud. Businesses can shop safely with their Cliq® Visa®