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Keep Your Best Employees Longer

Many of your employees rely on tips to make ends meet. That means they want access to this income as quickly as possible. With TIPS by Cliq®, they  can receive immediate, real time access to their tips.

And because this income is distributed onto a VISA® payroll card, these employees will no longer have to carry cash, which may be unsecure in some areas and cities.

The card can be used anywhere VISA®  is accepted, including at more than 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

Keep Your Best Employees Longer

Employee turnover is a constant challenge at restaurants, hotels, bars and hair salons. For owners and managers, lowering the attrition rate is vital to maintaining customer service.

One way to do so is to provide advantages to your staff that other establishments cannot provide. With TIPS by Cliq®, employees receive their tips more quickly, in a safer manner, and can access funds from a VISA®  payroll card immediately. Users also have access to online account management, 24-hour customer service and mobile banking abilities using the free Cliq iPhone or Android app.

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