In business, money moves with a Cliq®.

Whether it’s a customer’s credit card transaction or an employee waiting for payroll, payment processing happens instantly. But it doesn’t happen by itself.

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Why Click with Cliq?

When it comes to processing credit cards or money transfers using the ACH System, paying suppliers or distributing payroll, ‘instant’ is not enough. Companies need a financial services partner that can grow with their changing needs, provide 24/7 support, and deliver solutions that are:

  •  Accurate
  • Secure
  •  Convenient
  •  Reliable

Cliq clients trusted us with more than $6 billion in transactions in 2015, and with helping them navigate an array of financial challenges.

Our client relationships often begin with one service and expand as necessities change. What is your priority?


Deposit payments directly with minimal fees compared to paper checks or credit cards, and eliminate wasted trips to the bank. Transactions are more secure and funds are available immediately with ACH payment processing.

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Merchant Processing

Cliq can deliver a customized streamlined merchant processing solution that is easy to integrate with your existing processes, and can take your business to the next level.

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More than just a tip reporting system, our Tips by Cliq solution provides tip distribution through a Visa payroll card. There is no faster, safer or more accurate way to tackle this time-consuming task.

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Discover the convenience of innovative, all-in-one prepaid payment solutions for businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions.

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Card Ordering Tutorial

This short video illustrates the step-by-step process of how to order your pay cards, and how to enter required information about your employees who will receive cards.

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Customizing Cliq for Vertical Markets

Cliq has been a trusted provider of financial processing services to a wide range of vertical markets, each with its own specific regulations, priorities and preferences.

Agent/Reseller Support

Join the Cliq team! Our partner program provides the tools and services you need to succeed – so you can focus on delivering personalized service to your customers. Getting started is quick and easy – call us today at 866-634-3034 or email us at Find out more about the benefits of becoming a Cliq agent.