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Payroll and Expense Issuing Solutions

Better Ways to Pay

We have payment card solutions that are customizable to manage virtually any program  without the hassle of paper checks or manual bank reconciliations.

Custom Card Programs

Prepay For Any Purpose

The possibilities are endless. No matter the reason for offering, managing and reloading prepaid cards, we’ve got it covered with general purpose reloading capabilities.

Prepaid Expense Cards

Replace Expense Reports

Make it easier to manage expense accounts with access to a secure, enterprise portal to distribute, assign, load and manage expense cards for employees.

Payroll Cards

Pre-Pay Electronically

Payroll no longer needs to be a patchwork of automated and manual processes. With CardsbyCliq, HR professionals, owners and managers can order payroll cards, manage card replacements, and securely retrieve direct deposit account information, so they can pay anyone electronically in compliance with Personally Identifiable Information regulations.

Streamline Tip & Commission Payouts

Help eliminate the hassle and more easily meet demands for daily tip payouts. With TipsbyCliq,  Employers and managers can fully manage downstream tip disbursement via prepaid debit cards or ACH transfer.

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