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Chargeback Remediation

Protect Your Revenue

We understand; you’re busy with the business of running your business. Friendly fraud and chargebacks pose a real risk to your revenue, but  they are time consuming and challenging to remediate — and you don’t always have the time. We’ve got your back.


Avoid Chargebacks Altogether

Chargeback management is more than processing refunds. At Cliq, every transaction is backed by our proprietary chargeback management tools and services — including the newest card technologies like Order Insight, 3DS2.2 and Clarity —  because the best way to minimize the losses that come from chargebacks, is to avoid them from the start.

When prevention doesn’t work,  Cliq merchants can automatically receive CDRN and RDR alerts tied to the original transaction, greatly reducing the  risk of chargebacks and speeding up the remediation process.

Chargeback Remediation

Representation Matters

We will do our best to help you avoid chargebacks, but when it does happen, Cliq is on your side. We provide the tools to manage and track the status of chargebacks, so they can quickly be resolved..

Our agents can also research chargebacks, file disputes if necessary and submit appropriate responses on behalf of merchants until the issues are settled.

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