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ACH Processing

ACH As You Like It

We offer several ACH processing options, giving you the flexibility to safely process ACH payments across multiple channels at a fraction of the cost of credit transactions.

ACH Gateway

Your Gateway to Automated Clearing

Cliq’s ACH Gateway allows you to originate transactions through multiple channels, including APIs, virtual terminals, and batch uploads, with full settlement and return management services. We support multiple banks across a variety of NACHA and CSV files — helping you achieve same-day ACH processing.  

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Easily Manage More

We give merchants and agents more complete solutions - so you can manage more. Merchants can verify the real-time payments at the point of sale, to give you more confidence in each transaction. With our PaybyCliq portal agents can initiate online merchant applications in minutes, and track the status of every application.

PaybyCliq also lets you  access  real-time reporting and reconciliation for every ACH account and transaction from a single CRM, so every business decision is based on the same data.

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Reconcile Faster
Our tech stack is designed to automatically track the status of every ACH transaction, eliminating manual tracking and reporting, helping you move money more quickly.
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Rest Assured
Our tools will let you validate  the existence of businesses or individuals, and the risk level of any real-time payments before a transaction is submitted — helping to avoid stressful and potentially costly mistakes
Watch What Happens
Cliq will work with you to develop customizable reports that can be automated or run on-demand in multiple formats and delivery methods, so you can easily reconcile every account.
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