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Merchant Acquiring

Complete, Affordable Solutions for All

From onboarding to processing and reporting, our tech stack gives you the  tools you need to help you provide added value at every stage of managing transactions for you and your merchants - across any vertical or channel.

Cliq Payment Gateway

Support Every Checkout Experience

The Cliq platform leverages extensive proactive and reactive fraud prevention measures,  ensures PCI compliance, and provides the same sense of security for every checkout experience — whether processing tap-to-pay, chip technology or card-not-present transactions.

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Get The Tools You Need

PaybyCliq gives  you more control of your business with a user-friendly, one-stop-portal for transactions, deposits, statements, chargebacks and more. Agents can initiate merchant applications in minutes with themable  online applications, track the history and status all the way through to merchant onboarding, and access residual reports.

With consolidated reporting and reconciliation for every merchant account and transaction in a single account login, we offer a single source of truth.

Cliq Hosted Payment Page

Expand Your Customers’ Footprints

For customers that don’t already have an online storefront, we offer fully themable, hosted pages that will allow your merchants and non-profit organizations to accept online payments and donations from domestic and international cardholders — so you can help them market and manage their offerings.

We support every business model with one-time and recurring payments, and the ability to add required or optional surcharges.

Sub-Mid Settlement System

Consider it Settled - Even with Split Funding

Our ability to solve complex problems is a key to our success — and yours. We’ve created a dynamic, customizable, sub-mid settlement system that will allow you to collect funds and settle transactions, even when you need to split funding for multiple parties. And our sub-merchant ledgering offers complete visibility into and easy reconciliation of every transaction.

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Everyone Wins
We give you access to a robust suite of APIs that integrate seamlessly with virtually any system — so you can provide maximum value to your merchants and increase prospects.
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Mitigate Risks
ToolsByCliq helps avoid costly chargebacks and fraudulent transactions by validating the existence of businesses or individuals prior to accepting payments for goods and services. We will automatically confirm the type of card, and the risk level of any ACH routing and account number before a transaction is submitted.
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Ensure Surcharge Compliance
Based on the address and BIN, our tools will automatically calculate the max allowable legal surcharge to legally and compliantly apply it to any transaction as soon as it initiates - avoiding the need to manually reconcile and assess fees.
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Get Customizable Reports at Every Turn
Cliq’s customizable reporting engine will accommodate nearly any type of report in multiple formats and delivery methods, so you can easily confirm that every dollar is captured and accounted for.

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