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Fintech solutions

Become a Smooth Operator

With Cliq, everything fits. We invest in technology so you don’t have to, and then bring you advanced, easy-to-use solutions that fit right in with your existing business, so you can do more — and get paid more.

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We Put The Tech In FinTech
Cliq offers a comprehensive suite of APIs with multiple endpoints, allowing you to seamlessly accept, process, and manage transactions through nearly any critical system.
Automatically Verify Transactions
Avoid costly chargebacks and fraudulent transactions with an added layer of security on every transaction. ToolsbyCliq allows merchants to leverage 3DS protocols to validate customers prior to accepting online payments. Cliq can also  automatically confirm the type of card, and ACH routing and account numbers before transactions are submitted, to help mitigate risk.
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Automatically Capture Fees - Every Time
Say goodbye to missed opportunities - and missed fees. We give you tools to automatically calculate the maximum allowable legal surcharge and instantly apply it to every transaction, helping you maximize revenue and compliance.
Automatically Track Your Progress
Our comprehensive reporting engine is fully customizable to  accommodate nearly any type of report in multiple formats and delivery methods — even direct to your inbox —  so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business.
Online Merchant Applications

Initiate Merchant Applications In Minutes

Cliq’s online merchant application system is fully customizable, to allow your agents to instantly initiate new merchant applications with your own company’s theme. The status of every application is tracked in real-time, so you can keep in close contact with each merchant all the way through the process.

Property Management Solutions

More Easily Manage Properties

Cliq makes it easy for property managers to collect rent data from multiple sources and tender types, then receive payments accordingly. Property managers can easily manage outgoing payments for utilities and maintenance by distributing funds with transaction splits and timing instructions at the transaction level.

Treasury Solutions

Keep Tabs On Working Capital

Avoid slowdowns from manual data entry and get more visibility into your working capital. Our integrated and automated solutions will help you avoid data entry errors and manage regulatory compliance for every transaction.

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