Why Cliq® Partnered with VISA® – and You Should Too

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visa_logoOne of the many reasons so many restaurants and businesses have selected Tips by Cliq® for payroll distribution is our affiliation with a name they have come to know and trust – VISA®.

With Tips by Cliq®, employees in businesses where gratuities are expected receive these funds on a prepaid VISA® debit card. Not only is this better (and safer) than carrying cash, it allows them to use those funds anywhere VISA® debit cards are accepted – and VISA® debit cards are  accepted just about everywhere.

In addition, VISA® debit cardholders can obtain cash when they need it through more than 80,000 ATMs across the country, or transfer money into their bank account from home using our system’s online banking features.

But why VISA® when there are other paycard options available?

We looked at other providers, as the goal was to provide the best and most convenient solution for our customers. After discovering what VISA® had to offer, however, the selection was obvious.

To quote one of the company’s well-known slogans, “VISA® is everywhere you want to be.” When it comes to debit cards and electronic payments, VISA® not only handles more than 30,000 transactions per second through its exclusive processing network, it does so with a focus on cybersecurity, so that each transfer of funds is protected.

According to the credit card comparison Website Card Hub, VISA® holds a 47% market share by network purchase volume, compared with American Express® at 25%, MasterCard® at 23% and Discover Financial Services® at 4%.

The company isn’t just bigger – we think it’s the most qualified, the most reliable and by far the best option for Cliq® customers.

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The Cliq® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card is issued by Central National Bank of Enid, Oklahoma, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A Inc. All cardholders’ funds are insured by the FDIC in accordance with the FDIC’s applicable terms  and conditions.  Cliq® is a registered ISO/MSP of Central National Bank of Enid, Oklahoma, Member FDIC