Experience the Cliq® Difference.

Working with Cliq is different. We as a company take pride in having an innovative emphasis in all that we do, consistently thinking of creative solutions for our clients and partners.

This philosophy trickles down from our CEO and Founder, Andy Phillips, to the entire team. Our team is small in size, yet mighty in capacity and this makes us different.

At Cliq, we take on the success of our clients first and foremost. If you win, we celebrate with you and if you have an issue, we work urgently to resolve it. Whether a business is just starting out, has been around for decades or is looking to revamp their current success into something different, we take the time to get to know you and your goals well. By getting to know who you are, and what your business vision is, we strategize and collaborate to create a plan of success for you.

This is the Cliq® Difference. Humans getting to know other humans for the purpose of supporting their vision of success. This lives true within our team, and to all those we get the opportunity to work with. Standing as an example for a different way of payment processing, focusing on creative solutions to attain mutual success through integrity and collaboration. Working with a company that lives the philosophy of supporting the success of all those around creates a different way of doing business.

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