Convenient Tip Recording Has Never Been More Crucial

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it has been particularly stressful for those who work in restaurants, bars and hair salons – three types of businesses that were forced to shut down longer than many others.

During the months that restaurants were only open for carry-outs, many customers tried to help keep their employees afloat by tipping in larger amounts. And now that most have re-opened to some capacity, owners must maintain their attention to tip recording, while also struggling to keep the doors open.

For servers and hairdressers and bartenders, tips are often the difference between making rent and being evicted. That is why having a reliable tip tracking and distribution system has never been more crucial.

TIPS by Cliq® Is the Answer

Business owners need a way to track customer tips and distribute them after a shift, in a way that manages these tasks quickly and accurately. That has always been important, but this year, when owners must also devote considerable time to other challenges, it might seem like there just are not enough hours in a day.

If that’s how you’re feeling now, we’d like to introduce you to TIPS by Cliq®. It’s everything you need in one solution:

  • Simple to use – no long learning curve required
  • It eliminates the cost and waste of paper checks
  • Eliminates cash miscount losses – tips are distributed electronically onto a prepaid card

With just a few “cliqs” of this solution, you will be compliant with IRS tipping regulations (TRAC/TRDA and GITCA). And your employees will appreciate receiving their tips in a way that is fast and safe.

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