Don’t Buy Used Point of Sale Systems

It takes a lot of time, planning and, of course, investment to open a new business.

Before your first customer walks through the door you have already spent money on rent, equipment, inventory, staffing, and a dozen other essentials, including a payment processing solution.

Given all you’ve had to shell out just to get the doors open, there may be a temptation along the way to save money where possible, perhaps by purchasing used point of sale (POS) systems and terminals.

Our advice: Don’t do it. It’s simply not a risk worth taking.

Of course, even the sellers don’t call them “used” – they prefer the word “refurbished.” And we can’t say that every single provider will not deliver a decent product. But this is a situation much like buying a car. It may look great when they first show it to you, but you really won’t know how well it operates until after you buy it and start using it. And by then it may be too late.

Where do these “refurbished” machines turn up most frequently? Usually on platforms like eBay and Craigslist. That is also where the deepest discounts are offered. But when your terminal arrives in the mail, it may not work. That is because it was picked up from a company that either changed providers or went out of business, and is still technically the property of that previous owner.

When that happens the equipment is still locked, meaning it won’t function for anyone other than the original purchaser.

Cliq: Quality Equipment Plus Savings

If the objective is to acquire a quality POS system and still save, the best way to get there is to compare reputable providers. Cliq provides POS terminals and equipment that will meet the needs of your business at a rate that meets your needs.

Plus, with Cliq you’ll also receive a number of value-ads above and beyond the terminals themselves, including unmatched service and support. We work with our clients as a true partner, being there when they need us to answer questions, provide guidance when needed, and making sure your payment processing abilities grow with your business.

The testimonials on this site illustrate how Cliq goes the extra mile for its clients. We hope you’ll give us a chance to show you how we can help your business.

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