New Company Enhances eCommerce Marketing – With Help From Cliq

The pandemic has forced many eCommerce companies to change the way they do business. Amidst unprecedented challenges, was it even possible for a company to preserve its customer base while also attracting new customers?

One of Cliq’s clients, TicketSocket, had an idea to help its eCommerce clients succeed through a new approach for marketing, one that utilized the proven impact of social media and influencers. The theory was that one satisfied customer could become a means to attract more customers by incentivizing them to promote their purchase.

Did it work? It worked so well that TicketSocket spun off a separate company to handle the volume of interested clients. The new company is called Ice Cream Social.

“COVID fast-forwarded ecommerce businesses by about five years.”

That’s the view of Ice Cream Social Executive Vice President Brandt Young. Hard times often expedite innovation, and this company is thriving by merging one of the oldest forms of marketing – word of mouth – with cutting edge social invite tools and tech.

Through such social marketing tools as advanced email and Facebook invites and integrated conversion tracking, Ice Cream Social can turn every customer into an influencer, and reward them for spreading the good word about the brands they like.

“This company was built for our COVID times – this solution allows for people to take advantage of potential refunds on dollars they just spent when shopping eCommerce,” Young said. “It’s a way to help both clients and customers.”

Merchant Processing Solutions from Cliq Handle Thousands of Transactions

Ice Cream Social integrates with every major shopping cart, from Shopify and WooCommerce to Square Online, BigCommerce, Magento and more, while relying on Cliq for its merchant processing services. Within a few months of the company’s launch, Ice Cream Social has processed over 100 million dollars in payments and has converted more than 10,000 new transactions for its eCommerce clients.

It may have been inspired by the challenges of coronavirus, but the Ice Cream Social strategy is one with staying power, that will continue to be effective long after this pandemic becomes a distant and unpleasant memory.

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