Cliq Solutions Give Returning Summer Camps One Less Burden

Last year was devastating for the camp industry, and for the tens of millions of kids and teenagers for whom summer camp is an annual tradition.

Because of the pandemic, more than 80% of overnight camps and 40% of day camps were forced to close.  But with vaccines now available and COVID case numbers dropping in every state, most of the more than 15,000 camps in the U.S. are preparing to welcome guests once more.

There are likely to be changes, of course. Occupancy numbers may be lower, sessions may be shorter, daily temperature checks may be required, and some activities may be limited due to social distancing. As a result, for camp owners, directors, and staff, this may be the most challenging summer on record.

With Cliq, At Least Payment Processing Will Still Be Easy

For the nearly 1,000 camps that rely on Cliq, payment and credit card processing will be handled in the same efficient and convenient way that it always has. That will certainly be welcome news given all the added restrictions and procedure changes camps must cope with this year.

Since most of these businesses are likely still recovering from severe revenue losses in 2020, it has never been more important to enroll as many attendees as possible, and to maximize the earnings derived from every sign-up. Cliq’s merchant processing services can help increase enrollments by making it easy for parents and guardians to pay for their children to attend camp. With Cliq solutions, no camp should ever have to turn away business.

Excessive risk holds and the inability to refund parents due to processor or gateway limitations are common concerns – working with Cliq is working with a company that understands your business and how best to support you.

Have you considered Text to Pay, Invoicing, Quickbooks integration or compliant surcharging tools?

For those considering a switch to Cliq, but who may be worried about difficulties in transitioning from one company to another – we’re here to help. Our team will work with you to integrate payment processing with your existing software, so the system will be easy to use from day one. And we’re always available to answer questions, offer assistance, and do whatever is necessary to assure proficiency.

Talk to a Cliq representative today about our solutions for summer camps