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Case Study

Simplicity Means Business for Prospect

Prospect Medical Holdings (“Prospect”) is a healthcare services company comprising of hospitals, Independent Physician Association (IPAs) and affiliated medical groups. Prospect provides services in more than 215 locations in a range of both inpatient (hospitals) and outpatient settings (physician office, urgent care, lab, etc.).

What is the partnership between Prospect and Cliq?

For Prospect, complexity was a serious business problem. Multiple acquisitions and disparate systems meant time and money wasted in managing and reconciling across over 215 locations and medical offices.

With expert problem solving and flexible technology tools, Cliq played the middle man between IT and finance to build a system that synthesized data from multiple sources for accurate, real-time reporting that significantly reduced administrative costs and helped drive further growth.

What business challenges does Cliq Address?

With disparate systems that track and process transactions in all their locations, Prospect’s financial operations required hours of tedious, manual work to reconcile and manage the 100 millions of dollars that moved through the organization.

When they circulated an RFP for a payment processor, their expectations were straightforward. But they were pleasantly surprised by Cliq’s ability to combine financial expertise with tailored technology solutions that not only got the job done, but streamlined the process along the way.

“Cliq is full service. They do exactly what is needed to address a client need, no matter what it is,” says Eric Samuels, Treasurer and SVP Corporate Finance for Prospect. “The technology Cliq provides to track cash and monitor payment is the best in the market by far. It’s the quickest, and it’s truly built around our business needs. We get the cash sweeps once a day and can see exactly what we have.”

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