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A Partnership Worth its Weight in Gold

Cliq x Rare Collectables Case Study

A Partnership Worth its Weight in Gold

Who is Rare Collectibles? What is their partnership with Cliq?

Avid collectors know Rare Collectibles as a trusted source for some of the finest rare coins, militaria, art and other collectibles. Cliq works with Rare Collectibles to help their customers build their dream collections with fast, fair and trustworthy payment processing solutions.

What business challenges does Cliq help address?

Years ago, when friends-turned-business-partners set out on a mission to bring the highest caliber of coins and collectibles to markets throughout the United States, they knew they needed a partner they could trust. Cliq came on board to help them get up and running, and has continued to help them grow from the very beginning.

With their business model of offering rare, collectible and newly minted coins online and in various direct response TV formats, Rare Collectibles had a need for CNP (card not present) transaction support. But they needed more than a basic payment processing vendor. They needed a partner who would really help them jump start their business by assisting with account setup, system integration, and PCI compliance.

As the business grew, their support needs grew as well.

“Cliq has been a great partner as we’ve gone through a lot of growth,” said Michael Carloni, CFO of Rare Collectibles. “They’ve offered recommendations when we needed credit risk analysis for customers, and  put us in touch with database solutions.”

Over the years, Cliq has also stepped in to help Rare Collectibles prepare for and execute various program changes along the way, and helped craft a more comprehensive and cost effective payment ecosystem, which now includes ACH payments as well as credit card processing.

Cliq backs up their strategic guidance with high-touch support. “We really appreciate their willingness to help out,” said Carloni. “They operate like a small business — like we are their only client — we can always get someone on the phone.”

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