Press Release

Cliq Announces New Partnership with Pathward

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

A New Era in Prepaid Card Issuing

Cliq x Pathward - Advancing Prepaid Card Issuing

Cliq is excited to announce a significant new partnership with Pathward®, N.A, signaling a new era in our payroll and expense issuing solutions. As a new issuing bank for a range of Cliq products, Pathward brings its substantial reputation and expertise to the table, enhancing our offerings and streamlining processes for our clients.

Pathward has experience working with some of the industry's most respected brands, which made it an easy choice to enter into this partnership with them. This partnership signifies a major shift in how we manage our prepaid programs. The integration with Pathward will involve migrating our existing programs and launching new, innovative offerings in payroll, expense cards, and a general-purpose program.

“We are thrilled to start this journey with Pathward. Their esteemed position in the industry combined with our commitment to innovation will allow us to enhance our service offerings significantly. This partnership opens new avenues for us to provide more integrated, efficient financial solutions to our clients.”
- Andy Phillips, President and CEO, Cliq
“Pathward looks forward to collaborating with Cliq and providing innovative banking capabilities to help power their products with confidence. We’re eager to partner with Cliq and help them grow and scale their business in the years to come.” said Divisional President of Pathward’s Banking as a Service business line.”
- Will Sowell, Divisional President of Pathward’s Banking as a Service business line

Get in touch to learn more details about our offerings and how this partnership can provide you with tailored solutions.

About Cliq
Cliq is an innovator in financial technologies, dedicated to making it easier for businesses to transact with their customers, clients and employees. With a wide range of payment processing, reporting, dispute management and enterprise solutions, we collaborate closely with Resellers, Consultants, Independent Software Vendors and Clients to turn problems into opportunities. For more information visit

About Pathward
Pathward®, N.A., a national bank, is a subsidiary of Pathward Financial, Inc. (Nasdaq: CASH). Pathward is a U.S.-based financial empowerment company driven by its purpose to power financial inclusion. Pathward strives to increase financial availability, choice and opportunity across our Banking as a Service and Commercial Finance business lines. The strategic business lines provide end-to-end support to individuals and businesses. Learn more at

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