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It happens every day at restaurants and hospitality businesses where tipping is expected: Owners and managers endure the difficult process of managing and accounting for cash, tipping out employees and tracking amounts for tax purposes, while employees impatiently wait for access to their earnings. TIPS by Cliq® offers a better way that is unlike any other product available. More than just a tip reporting system, it’s a simple, easy to use solution that also provides tip distribution for owners/managers and employees to a VISA® payroll card. Now you can tackle this time-consuming task quickly, safely, and accurately.


Stop tracking tips by hand or with spreadsheets. TIPS by Cliq® is a revolutionary advancement over traditional accounting methods. You won’t believe how little effort it will take to tip out your employees.


Why trust outdated accounting systems? TIPS by Cliq® is a secure, self-contained patent pending solution that eliminates the unsecure practice of handling and distributing large sums of cash.


Mistakes are hard to eliminate with outmoded tip accounting procedures. With TIPS by Cliq®, these errors can be avoided or corrected.

The TIPS by Cliq® Advantage

Technology has changed the hospitality industry by improving efficiency and reducing labor costs. However, too many owners and managers of restaurants, bars, hotels, motels and hair salons still handle tip distribution the old-fashioned way. TIPS by Cliq® provides fast and safe electronic tip distribution, with accurate tracking and reporting. That’s critical not only for your business and your bottom line, but when tax time comes as well.

Avoid costly Penalties

There has always been a level of confusion when it comes to employee tips/wages and the Internal Revenue Service. With the laws constantly changing, establishments must familiarize themselves with what is reportable as a tip and what is considered an employee wage. Not understanding these rules can lead to costly fines and penalties. You can always verify tip percentages, while also saving money in the process. The system eliminates the cost and waste of paper checks/handling cash and provides accurate IRS reporting because it is fully customizable for each situation. The system also makes life easier for your employees as well. Find out how Cut costs and streamline your payroll process with TIPS by Cliq®: Call 866-634-3044