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A Decade of Seamless Solutions for CampGroup

A Decade of Seamless Solutions for CampGroup

Over a remarkable decade-long partnership, Cliq has provided CampGroup Camps a seamless customer onboarding process year-round, as well as vigilant financial oversight and uninterrupted access to payroll funds and funding for CampGroup counselors.

Who is CampGroup? What is their partnership with Cliq?

CampGroup owns and operates approximately 15 children’s camps with online enrollment, in addition to Lakeside Retreats catering to camp style retreats and gatherings.

What business challenges does Cliq help address?

CampGroup sought assistance in managing their events, primarily focusing on online payment processing for camp attendees. In combination with CampMinder as their camp management system, they seamlessly integrated with Cliq to facilitate a variety of online payments, including ACH and credit card processing.

CampGroup also relies on Cliq for Payroll cards to help them seamlessly get seasonal employees paid throughout each camp season by providing a means of payment without the need for paper checks.

Over the course of a decade, CampGroup’s collaboration with Cliq has felt flawless. Initially drawn by Cliq's negotiation of fair merchant processing rates and fees, the partnership has since evolved into a robust relationship founded on mutual trust and support. Despite being courted by other merchant service providers, Cliq's unmatched service and advocacy has made them unbeatable.

“Cliq served as an advisor, and a true partner." says Franya Barnett, CFO. "We never felt that they were just trying to sell us something. We have always known we could trust them to look out for our business and give us the best result possible, even if it wasn’t the most profitable for Cliq. It’s been a very valued and appreciated relationship.”

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